Your Core Asset and Liability

Your brain is the holly grail of outstanding performances.  Unfortunately, the human brain also has mechanisms in place that trip up performances and put you in the passenger seat.

To Do Your Best, Your Brain Must Be Trained

Utilising advanced neurofeedback techniques – Inner Truth Sport is able to train you to understand how your brain responds to situations and how you can better control it.

  • Can you relax when you need to?
  • Can you engage when you need to?
  • Can you control your internal imagery to your advantage?

Why Should You Choose Mettle Pro+?

Despite the renowned 90% mental to 10% physical ratio in performance outcomes physical training outweighs mental by the same ratio.  Physical training methods have almost reached a plateau with limited new gains in performance outcomes – the next wave of outstanding performers will have optimised control of their neural patterns.

NEUROFEEDBACKis not out of reach any longer.  It’s not just for the top paid athletes on million dollar salaries – Inner Truth Sport has the latest technology in brain wave monitoring systems – the EMOTIV EPOC and you can learn to control your mind.  You can find out more information about EPOC by clicking the link below.

Why Should You Choose Mettle Pro+?

Dr Shane Moon has been working with the Science of Learning Centre in Queensland (http://) in setting up the Australia’s leading laboratory with state of the art eye tracking and brain monitoring equipment. The Centre is designed to investigate and better understand the learning process. Dr Moon provided the eye tracking consultation in order to be able to combine brain activity to visual eye movements critical to skill acquisition. The video below is a little about the centre.