What is Your View

In the heat of a performance there is an abundance of information – in fact too much.  You are not able to tell coaches, trainers, or team mates how you do what you do.  We take the guess work out of what you are looking at when you make decisions and actions.

We Track Your Vision So You Don’t Have Too

By using state of art eye tracking technology we are able to:

  • Optimise aiming and shooting/kicking/throwing/hitting
  • Identify key visual indicators and distractors
  • Obtain a measure of Cognitive Load/ Effort in a simulation (decision making)
  • Provide instantaneous feedback on what you see and how you react to make on the spot changes to performance skills

Why Should You Choose Eye Pro+?

The human brain takes in almost 11 MILLION bits of information every second – 10 MILLION of those are through the eyes.

The latest eye tracking technology used by Inner Truth Sport is second to none. In fact,  Inner Truth Sport eye tracking technology is the same as the ones guiding the lasers in over 90% of eye surgeries completed globally. Surgeons don’t leave anything to chance in their performance so why should you! We still use SMI eye tracking technology – the global leaders in vision science and eye gaze tracking who were so great APPLE bought the company.

Below are a collection of videos from eye tracking in sport applications. Contact us if you would like a free demonstration of Eye Pro+ with your team or athlete.