What is Your Core Mettle

Defintion: Strength of spirit, one’s courage, fortitude and ability to perservere in the face of difficulty

We Do Our Best So You Can Do Yours

There is no single view of a person so we have a range of assessment to obtain a full picture.  ITS has a ‘strengths’ based approach in line with Dr Martin Seligman’s pivotal work in understanding ‘learned helplessness’ and how certain individuals just don’t give up.  It’s identifying the level of current ‘strengths’ in the performer that are consistently required to be an outstanding performer and then ensuring each of these strengths are trained.   We provide detailed athlete profiling:

  • Profile of Moods States
  • Stress, Anxiety Levels
  • Signature Strengths Profiling
  • Characterological Trait Assessments
  • Attentional & Concentration Skills (TAIS)
  • Mental Skills & Edge (a TAIS sub report)
  • Emotion Regulation Capability

Why Should You Choose Mettle Pro+?

Completely unlock your deepest character traits and cultivate the necessary attributes that contribute to longterm outstanding performances.  Inner Truth Sport only incorporates assessment tools that have been researched and validated over years of research in psychology, sport and performance.  By using these tools Inner Truth Sport will fully synergize your mental resources so that you will perform your best.  Professionally tailored with the utmost confidentiality Inner Truth Sport’s one-to-one programs are overflowing with robust strategies and ideas to assist you.