Welcome to Inner Truth Sport

Globally educated across multiple disciplines and experienced in many more.  The work we do with individuals, teams or organisations is never focused on one single element.  This approach is because there is several factors that contribute to an outstanding performance.  We will ensure you are firing on all cyclinders so that you can achieve your goals!

More About Us

Advanced training in neuroscience, sport psychology, exercise psychology, nutrition, fitness instruction, coaching, clinical psychology, business linked with the use of second to none technology and approaches your experience with us will be like no other.  You will wish you got ITS years ago.

Inner Truth Sport, A Powerful Partner

Unleash the performer in you and quickly maximise your successes. Dramatically improve all aspects of your performance that will impact your life.

Completely synergize all the contributing factors to an outstanding performance. Dynamically change the way you approach your self and your performances and reach your goals.

Our Mission

Objectively empower everyone we work with, with the best in class technology, information and approaches.  Holisticly ensure that everything possible is done to achieve an oustanding performance.

Our Values

Proactive performance expertise and cross domain development.  Seamlessly integrate the right performance plans with superior collaboration.

Our Solution

Engaging worldwide methodologies with leading edge technology.  Interactively coordinate tailored success plans via performance centric outside the box thinking.