your dreams and all your successes. Inner Truth Sport is located in heart of Richmond, Victoria near the buzz of activity of Swan & Church St, Melbourne Park, the Yarra River and of course 'the Tan'. your dreams and all your successes. Inner Truth Sport is your partner for success.... in it for the long haul.... assisting you achieve your goals, your dreams and all your successes. your dreams and all your successes.
It doesn't matter what your goals are or where you are starting from. All that matters is that you are trying - Inner Truth Sport partners with anyone to help them achieve an outstanding performance.
your dreams and all your successes. Inner Truth Sport is networked globally with many of the best minds in the scientific fields that contribute to achieving successful outcomes. Inner Truth Sport - The Science of Outstanding Performance

You are Your Best Investment!

Inner Truth Sport is your broker to achieve outstanding performance.


Globally educated across multiple disciplines and experienced in many more.  The work we do with individuals, teams or organisations is never focused on one single element.  This approach is because there is several factors that contribute to an outstanding performance.  We will ensure you are firing on all cyclinders so that you can achieve your goals!

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Our Services

Metal Pro+Multiple Levels of Mining to Reach Every Depth

Choose between any number of our profiling tools to gain meaningful insight to yourself and obtain a performance advantage.

Eye Pro+State of the Art Eye Gaze Tracking in Any Environment

Identify the exact events, stimuli, distractors that are influencing your performance through live viewing of eye gaze data.

Neuro Pro+Extensive Array of Neurotraining Applications

Access the latest brain science technology to train your brain making faster and stronger connections than ever before.

Body Pro+Simple, Focused, Individualised Programs

No matter how good you think you are; no matter how determined you can be; your body has to be right or you won't perform.

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Inner Truth Sport will be conducting free-throw and jump
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