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Dr Shane Moon

The Professional

Shane has multi-disciplinary training holding three psychology degrees.  He has specialised in physiological psychology (Bachelor), sport & exercise psychology (Masters) and clinical psychology (Doctorate).  Shane also holds a graduate diploma of fitness & nutrition.  During his studies he completed in depth research into the neurophysiological factors of performance; the impact of emotion on performance; and the relationship between personality, mood & expectations on psychological capabilities of athletes.  Shane has worked with athletes associated with the Queensland Academy of Sport, Victoria Institute of Sport and the National Sport Centre - Calgary, Canada.  At the NSC-Calgary he held a sport psychology consultant position with Olympic Team and Development Team athletes specialising in athlete profiling (TAIS) and psychological skills training.   He also managed the injury support and return to competition post injury program at the centre.  Shane has worked with individuals at every level from beginners to Olympic to professional athletes and teams.  He is known for an open and relaxed but focused consulting style.  More recently, he has been furthering the use advanced visual gaze tracking technology in the use of neuro-visual training in skill acquisition; decision training and skill enhancement with athletes in several sports.




Dr Shane Moon

The Athlete

Sport & exercise has been an integral part of Shane's life since first learning to ice skate at 2 years of age (like most Canadians!).  He has excelled in multiple sports playing at state/ provincial level in basketball; Canadian football (gridiron); and tennis.  Following a football career ending knee injury and 18months of rehab/physio he developed a passion for endurance sport.  After only 6 months of learning to swim he completed his first Ironman triathlon.  He has competed in 10 Ironman competitions and was successful in securing a spot on the Canadian Long Course Triathlon & Duathlon teams in 2000.  Following a incident with a car while riding to work in 2004 he had another 2 years of rehab (other knee!) and now is solely focussed on running while some stationery riding and occasional swim to cross train.  He has competed in multiple marathons, half marathons, 10k's, and 5 k events but his favourite is the marathon.

Key Partners & Advisors

Dr Dan Billing

Human Performance Scientist

Dr Geoff MacKellar

EMOTIV Co-founder and CTO

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